hOCTN2 (SLC22A5)

Human OCTN2 (Organic Cation Transporter, Na+ /carnitine Cotransporter) has a relatively ubiquitous distribution and functions both as an organic cation transporter and as a sodium-dependent high affinity carnitine transporter. Mutations in the SLC22A5 gene are the cause of systemic primary carnitine deficiency (SPCD), an autosomal recessive disorder.

Main localization:
Kidney, small intestine, placenta, heart, liver
Transporter assay:
Uptake transporter assay (potential substrate and inhibitor)
Probe substrates:
Probe inhibitors:
Verapamil, quinidine
Regulatory relevance:
Important interacting drugs:
Ipratropium, verapamil, quinidine, cefepime, cefoselis, cephaloridine, emetine, verapamil, quinidine

Concentration dependent inhibition of hOCTN2-mediated L-carnitine uptake by the probe inhibitor quinidine
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