The ileal counterpart to the hepatic NTCP is the apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter ASBT (SLC10A2). Human ASBT is most highly expressed in the ileum, where it is highly expressed on the brush border membrane of enterocytes. It is responsible for the initial uptake of bile acids, particularly conjugated bile acids, from the intestine as part of their enterohepatic circulation.

Main localization:
Intestine, kidney
Transporter assay:
Uptake transporter assay (potential substrates and inhibitors)
Probe substrates:
Probe inhibitors:
Sulfobromophthalein (BSP), Fluvastatin
Regulatory relevance:
Important interacting drugs:
Fluvastatin, A4250, SC-435, Maralixibat (LUM001)

Concentration dependent inhibition of hASBT-mediated taurocholate uptake by the probe inhibitor BSP
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